LLMs for Asset Stewardship

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 Unlocking LLMs for Asset Stewardship

Strong stewardship starts with strong data, but SEC filings are a mess. Troop’s platform is built around a tool that makes the mountain of proxy documents more accessible. CTO and co-founder Zen Yui details how our large language model uses document chunking, in-context learning and modular architecture to bring structure to the SEC’s EDGAR database. Our system streamlines research so that stewardship and engagement teams can focus on advocating for clients’ values and goals.

Read Zen’s full breakdown and exploration of the LLM landscape here.

  • 🤖 Speaking of… Sidley Austin’s Holly J. Gregory goes deep hereon how boards should approach the many AI questions and risks likely to proliferate next proxy season.

  • 🗓️ Human capital proposals like right-to-union are surging, investors want more rigor in climate transition plans, and more trend watching here in Diligent’s year-end Investor Stewardship report.

  • 🌱 With landmark climate disclosure rules inching closer, GreenBiz here digs into the overlooked work involved in obtaining third-party assurance when the time comes.

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