Introducing Troop Campaigns

A new way for shareholders to change companies for good.

The proliferation of retail investors and more comprehensive understandings of financial risk are two of the most important trends of our time. Individuals, not institutions, own a growing share of global assets — a majority, in fact. Governing companies is now our collective responsibility.

But how to govern? Corporations are democratic but intentionally complicated. At Troop, we’re building tools for investors to organize together and wield their shareholder rights to change companies for good.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Campaigns. In our app, retail investors can now discover, join and propose activism at companies in their portfolio and contribute to turning ideas for change into corporate engagement and action.

We’ve built Campaigns to simplify shareholder activism into digestible steps. Each Campaign features a Demand, a target-based Goal that advances the Demand when enough shareholders join, and a series of Tasks that break down the work and help coordinate it all.

“We really wanted to give people the tools they need to collaborate,” Troop Head of Design Westin Lohne says. “This is the first time shareholders can simply exercise their rights from the ground up. I can’t wait to see how they take advantage.”

Campaigns at companies big and small — from Nike and Netflix to Nikola Motor and Noble Roman's — can be found here. We always want to hear more shareholder demands and grievances; submit new Campaign ideas with our Propose tool here.

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