What’s Next for Troop

Creating custom voting policy should be easy and intuitive.

Today, we’re excited to share an update on what Troop is building and where our company is headed.

From the beginning, we’ve understood corporate governance as a collective responsibility—and for the past year, we’ve been carving out a new level of granularity in the proxy voting process, making it easy to build and apply custom policy across portfolios.

Here’s how it works:

For asset managers, Troop turns simple prompts and directives into fine-tuned voting recommendations, transforming the too-often perfunctory process of proxy advisory into an engine for attracting and retaining more AUM, as well as simplifying fund operations.

Asset managers need to vote their clients’ shares each year; it’s the law. But there’s never been a way to develop custom voting policy for each of those clients, and each of those funds, at scale. So, we built it. Troop starts with asset managers’ own values and instructions, producing targeted recommendations that keep stewards at the helm.

For investors with specific governance needs—a preference for outsider director candidates, or a commitment to particular values—Troop implements laser-focused guidance across portfolios of any size.

Similarly, industry experts sitting on reams of proprietary research shouldn’t have to purchase prefabricated policy recommendations from middlemen without a stake in the result. The median aerospace pension fund manager knows more about the aerospace industry than the median proxy advisor, and we incorporate that expertise into voting decisions.

In a hyperconnected world, a single shareholder vote can create ripple effects for entire industries. Investors know this intuitively, but because fund managers have limited resources, they’re stuck with just a few ways to actually make their governance decisions—a batch of boilerplate voting policies, generated for the masses each year. We’re building the alternative around a simple principle: that bespoke proxy advisory should be simple and affordable for everyone.

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