A collective action platform for everyday investors.

Troop was founded by three friends in Brooklyn in 2021, inspired by the rise of movements like r/wallstreetbets and Web3 that seek to democratize finance and mobilize the collective power of investors.

Our Team

Lizette Ayala

Digital Designer

Catherine Blizzard

Social Media Creative

Tosten Burks

Editorial Content Strategist

Cassidy Donohue

Associate Product Manager

Arsene Gandote

Software Engineer

Sebastian Jarquin

Co-Founder | Head of Product & Design

Westin Lohne

Product Designer

Charlie Meriot

Social Media Consultant

Caitlin Smith

Head of Legal

Felix Tabary

Co-Founder | CEO

PJ Wickwire

Software Engineer

Antonio Yuen

Software Engineer

Zen Yui

Co-Founder | CTO

Our Investors

World-renowned advisors and board members backing our mission bring decades of experience and expertise in shareholder activism, corporate law, and tech innovation.